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Experience a career that is inspiring and limitless at Indus B2C, we offer you a world-class working environment and challenging assignments. If stimulating opportunities is what you thrive for, then we would like to welcome you as a part of the diverse Indus B2C Group family. We let our people explore various verticals and horizontals in our businesses, and thus, provide them with opportunities to enhance their skill sets. We give special attention in understanding our employees’ talents, backgrounds and place value in their dedication, hard work and perseverance. We have just one mantra that is “Aim High and Work Persistently aligning your efforts with the direction of the company”. If you have what it takes to join our winning team, we may have an opportunity available at any one of our national offices. You may submit your resume via e-mail to: PRASHANT.K@INDUSB2C.COM

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