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What is Indus B2C?
Indus B2C Global Pvt Ltd. (Indus B2C) was formerly KITES Pvt Ltd. The Indus B2C journey began in the year 1995 and ever since, has grown and set new standards for customer delight every passing day. The education division of Indus B2C created a dedicated market and was instrumental in training over 4,000 students till it was hived off in 2006.
Indus B2C’s sister Real Estate Companies operate marquee residential/ commercial projects continuously under execution in Delhi/ NCR and Surat, Gujarat.
Indus B2C Global Private Limited currently operates the following verticals:
  • e-Commerce for Hair Extensions
  • Hair Portal
What does the name Indus B2C signify?
The holy river Indus is witness to the creation of world’s first and most intelligent civilization (The Vedas were written in the Indus basin and world’s foremost University Takshila was established here as well). The erstwhile name of the river is “Sindhu”, from which the word “Hindu” comes (People living beyond the Indus were referred to as Hindus since ancient times). This creative genius of Indian civilization is the DNA of our company with the culture of the organization being multinational.
B2C (Business to Consumer) was the starting focal point of the company’s biz, while the vision has always been to have bulk of sales coming from B2B (Business to Business). We firmly endeavour and dedicate the same manicured attention and care to the company’s B2B’s sales as we do for B2C.
How does our Philosophy, Vision and Mission statement tie in with our business focus?
The Indus B2C philosophy: India’s e-Commerce has been hitherto driven by discounts. We would partner with Indian companies and deliver Brand-driven products, recognized globally for their quality and match with Customer’s aspirations. Indus B2C’s vehicles will also aggregate such products and services by removing the middlemen and connecting manufacturers directly with end-consumer through its various e-platforms: is a big player in exports as well as pan-India sales through an e-commerce channel.
How does it differentiate us from the other players in the Industry?
An unmatched quality monitoring division, speedy delivery and proprietary content from the Indus B2C Group with a strong international presence and service outlay.
What is the core customer value proposition?
The core proposition of Indus B2C is to provide unmatched incremental long term products needs of customers of all hues, both traditional as well as Next Gen; whose needs are at an inflection point and have the opportunity to scale up.
How do we value-add to clients?
Our business proposition has evolved and has emerged as the focal point of leverage for any growth oriented enterprise in the premium products/ services space. We provide leverage, by way of a platform for products companies to showcase and sell off their goods in double quick time off the shelf. Our structured solutions, both e-commerce as well as service related, are conceptualized keeping in mind the need to build/ add enterprise value and fuel growth aspirations.
What do we offer our clients?
Long term market platforms coupled with strong backend service both e-commerce and service related. We are the only e-house in the country which can boast of a strong presence across all products/ services formats.
What are the key categories & brands on offer?
Hair extensions brand “Le Modish” and others on
What kind of value-added support does Indus B2C offer in terms of market reach and penetration?
Indus B2C assists its clients with value added platform with sales strategy.
How will a deal with Indus B2C help a company in the B2B space or one which does not have a Brand?
A B2B business has relatively limited clients and therefore the belief is that it does not need to carry out any mass marketing programs including advertising, to increase sales revenue (demand side factors). However, the end customer of the client is just one of the stakeholders for a B2B company. The brand needs to positively influence multiple stakeholders as is relevant to his business/category. These stakeholders would range from existing and future talent, shareholder community, investor community, policy makers, vendors, financial institutions etc. The supply side factors which affect the profitability of a company include employee costs, vendors, investors, bankers. A better brand image relates to potentially enhanced employer of choice positioning leading to higher retention, lower recruitment costs and lower salary costs to attract outside employees; enhanced image and higher traction amongst suppliers for better terms and higher bargaining power; higher investor confidence; higher confidence among bankers for better interest on loans. Overall enterprise value can be significantly enhanced through brand building by B2B companies. Partnering with Indus B2C will open the world markets for your B2B biz.
What Indus B2C is not, to its customers?
A mechanism to bring faulty, poor products/ services to the global marketplace. Inferior travel service providers using unethical practices for gaining access to funds are recommended to stay away.
What is the difference between Indus B2C and a regular marketplace firm?
Regular marketplace firms are sometimes wanting in quality assurance. They are also short in providing satisfactory customer service and personal relationship-building. Indus B2C’s business model prioritizes brand value enhancement with assured quality and long-term relationships in an enterprise’s journey of value creation.
Is the deal with Indus B2C exclusive? Can a Vendor tie-up with other e-commerce companies?
An investee company is not free to tie-up with other e-commerce vehicles.
What role does the Vendor development team play in Indus B2C?
The Vendor development team works closely with the investee companies for continuous alignment of product quality vis-à-vis its business plan and proactively works on course corrections, if need be to ensure all round alignment. The team also monitors and evaluates value creation as well as advises on the appropriate high-end products/ services curve. It pays focused attention to thwart fraudulent companies, if any.
Is Indus B2C a long-term business partner in the seller eco-system?
Indus B2C’s journey began as KITES Pvt. Ltd. in 1995 and is proud to have relationships which are long-term, mutually beneficial and robust. We maintain close links with key stakeholders viz Vendors, Logistic companies, Marketing companies, Payment Gateways and the like.
Does Indus B2C have a creative agency which can be a part of upselling/ cross-selling/ Go-To marketing offers?
Indus B2C does have an in-house agency and is also in long-term partnership with a marquee Digital marketing firm.
What is the policy of Indus B2C with respect to its clients?
The Indus B2C Group follows a strict policy of non-interference. View our entire code of conduct.

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